Success Stories

Read about the people who have become painfree with Solutions Physiotherapy

James Ledingham

I would recommend Eoin, not only for athletics but particularly for the likes of GAA also.

Thomas Chamney

Olympian and 3rd fastest Irish 800m athlete

Berlin-09-Day6-am-131Having competed professionally for a number of years I can recommend functional analysis with Eoin Everard as an absolute must for any athlete trying to get their times down, regardless of their level.

Lorna Fenton

Hockey Player

Pre injury I had a very active lifestyle running 5 times a week, plus hockey training and matches, cycling and swimming.
Having had surgery for a meniscal tear and diagnosed with chondromalacia patella, my activity level was drastically reduced! I was told it would be best to give up hockey because of the squatting involved. I had pretty much pain in my knee all the time. After driving I found it difficult to “get going”
I went to Eoin in which he assessed me with FMS.
He did physio and gave me a plan of simple exercises 2-3 times a week, which, was very achievable and could fit into a busy lifestyle.
After only 2 visits over 2 months, I have not only no knee pain but I am back running swimming, cycling, and playing hockey!

I cannot recommend Eoin enough. Even for maintenance of your activity everyone should have FMS done. I am so grateful to pain free and feeling stronger than ever!
Thank you Eoin!

Bill Condon

Hillwalker and Golfer

I’m 61 years old, 80 kgs and reasonably fit.
I came to Eoin after having back and leg pain for 6 months that was getting progressively worse to such an extent that it became very difficult for me to stay sitting down, drive a car and do any walking (even on flat ground) whatsoever. I discontinued doing any hill walking as the pain was too severe and gave the injury time to recover but unfortunately no recovery occurred.
In March 2012 I attended Dr Condon Orthopaedic surgeon in Croom, who referred me to Eoin Everard. Eoin examined me thoroughly and put me on a programme of exercises-starting at the basic level and gradually increasing the intensity.

I have made great progress with Eoin’s help I have resumed hillwalking and in July to August 2012 I have climbed Croagh Patrick once, Keeper Hill 3 times and Tountinne 5 times. Presently my level of pain is minimal and without Eoin’s help I would not be able to resume hillwalking. By continuing with the exercises I hope to resume golf in 2013, which I have not played in 3 years because of the pain I get when rotating my body.

Diarmuid O’Brien 

In addition to helping me with a niggling injury I had for over a year I was astonished at the huge improvement in my mobility, especially in terms of my range of movement and increased power output around my hips and thighs while on the bike. I went from being an average member of my cycling club to being up there with the top guys in a matter of weeks!