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Eoin Everard, Sport Specialist Physio here. If you need immediate treatment to fix your hamstring injury or to fix long standing hamstring irritation/pain that won’t go away then please click below.

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Message from Eoin Everard, Chartered Physiotherapist

Eoin Everard

Eoin Everard, Chartered Physiotherapist

Thank you for clicking this link. If you are looking for relief from your hamstring pain so you can get off painkillers, avoid repeated injuries and avoid that niggling or throbbing feeling in your thigh then I am glad you clicked this link. Below I have described how we can help you with our unique approach as well as give you a little more information about what is causing your hamstring problem.

First, before I discuss that I want you to know that there are 3 main ways I can help.

Option 1 

Most people who have clicked here have heard from a friend in Kilkenny that I am good with hamstring and lower limb pain as a very good athlete. Others have read my articles in the Kilkenny People about hamstring issues and are ready to get their problem fixed as soon as possible. Either click the link above or text your name to 0852207889.

Because it can be difficult to decide at this stage what is the right thing to do we offer a €20 gift voucher to use against your €50 physio session.

Click the link and your phone or laptop will download a  €20 gift card. Either print or bring this along to your physio session. Simple.

Option 2

Unless you have heard of me from a friend or read my articles in the Kilkenny People then it is natural to be sceptical. It can be difficult to know what the right thing to do is. I have put some of my Facebook and Google reviews below but still it can also be difficult to know what ‘Physio’ is and how it might help.

I offer patients a 15 minute free phone consultation. We can discuss your hamstring pain and I can give you advice about what might be the best thing to do. Click the link below to arrange this or simply text your name and ‘call back’ to 0852207889

Option 3 Sports injuries Report

Finally, some people are only at the beginning of their search and are only browsing trying to find some helpful advice. I have written a lot of articles on hamstring and sport injuries and have given a large number of lectures on the subject. To help people know what to do I have come up with 7 tips to help ease lower limb injuries that will be a chapter in a new book I am writing. If I am honest these work best when done in conjunction with my treatment because I first have to re-align everything to get the maximum impact. But I do think they would give relief on their own.

If you would like this please just email and I will send you the report.

What is causing your back pain and what to do so that it doesn’t attack at the worst possible moments.

For the past 8 years I have specialized with sports people from those who want to get fit to elite Olympic athletes. Injury of any sort can be so frustrating because it ruins your momentum and can take the joy out of the sport or training you do. It is hard to have fitness goals if you have pain or keep getting frustrating muscle injuries.

I have never had a patient who said afterwards, ‘I wished I waited a bit longer to fix this!’. Everything I do is personalised, specific and specialist. That’s the kind of care that works best and what most people are hoping to find when they come to this page.

In fact this specialised approach is key to helping knee pain. We undergo 3 distinct steps to help your pain.

    1. First we have to examine the hamstring. The good news is that there is always a reason for hamstring pain. Acute injuries we need to look at the hamstring. For reoccuring problems the reason for you injury can be generally due to poor movement at the pelvis, core and glute weakness. We do specific tests to check the hamstring and the back to make sure the pain is not referred. So often people just jump in start treating the hamstring when that is not the main issue at all. This results in wasted time and money that can easily be avoided with a specialist.


    1. We need to get the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. Too many therapists just prescribe the same hamstring exercises and treatment without finding out the specific reason for your pain. We do a video analysis to specifically find out WHY you have your hamstring injury. Please, please get this fixed properly. Hamstring injuries can ruin players and athletes sport. Think of Michael Owen, Hargreaves etc. Nip this in the bud with a comprehensive approach when it is only starting. If you have had this a long time or it comes back time and time again it is time to get it fixed. Long term. pain. Once we fix the problem then it allows you to go back to enjoying your life and training without the torment of hamstring pain hanging over you.
Example of some problems to fix with someone with knee pain.

Example of some problems to fix.

    1. Finally, we do specific hands on treatment and a specific rehabilitation programme to fix the pain and get you back doing activities you love pain free, without the danger of future surgery or a life on painkillers. No more random exercises. You are told step by step what needs to be done. Studies have shown that the exercises we prescribe can reduce the chance of re-injury by as much as 90%.
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If Your Need Is Urgent, Please Call This Special Number Now To Get Seen Quicker: 0852207889

Reviews from patients on facebook and Google

I can’t rate Eoin highly enough. I had hamstring issues for months that I couldn’t shake off but Eoin identified the problem straight away and after a few sessions had it fixed and I was able to run without pain again. I also regularly attend his classes on a Monday evening. They’re tough but worth it. They’ve helped me stay injury free for almost a year now!  Garrett Hynes reviewed Solutions Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy  5 star

Could not recommend Eoin highly enough. Not only was I provided with a clear and detailed screening result booklet with visual aids showing my weaknesses but he also provided me with a very well structured programme to improve my mobilty. It was obvious Eoin put a lot of work and thought into the causes and solutions of my injury, but also as an athlete himself he was able to list the problems I was having before I even told him. Brilliant service! Peter Fitzpatrick reviewed Solutions Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy  5 star

More information on hamstring Tears.

How to fix and stop Hamstring Strains and tears. The 90% cure to the problem hamstring.

Hamstring strains can be the most frustrating injuries for soccer players, hurlers and athletes to sustain. Not only do you have the frustration of being out for weeks on end but there is the added fear that the injury will reoccur generally during our peak competition time. Sadly, this fear is justified in the majority of cases. I see a lot of people involved in sport who have accepted that they have ‘the problem hamstring’.

This does not have to be the case however, there are new studies showing physio techniques and exercises that can reduce the chance of recurring hamstring strains by as much as 85-90%. It fits right into our philosophy of Reset, Reinforce and Reload.

Reset: The first problem with hamstring injuries is generally not with the hamstring at all! Yes the hamstring is injured and where you feel pain but as with knee and back pain the hamstring is the victim rather than the cause. The main issue is that the place where the hamstring attaches is out of alignment. The ischial tuberosity does not move smoothly meaning the hamstring has to work twice as hard as it should to move the leg. Imagine if a door was slightly off its hinges? Think about how much harder you would have to work to open the door each time!? My treatment always starts with getting the attachment point of the hamstring, the pelvis, into the correct position and getting it moving freely. This takes the strain off the hamstring and allows the body to start to recover.

The second element of fixing hamstring strains long term is strengthening the key muscles involved. The first area is core strengthening. The core can keep the pelvis in its correct alignment so that it essentially keeps the door on its hinges! The second area that needs strengthening is the glute (bum) muscles. When we are sprinting ad running it is our glutes that should do the majority of the work to extend our legs. Too often this muscle is lazy and not working hard enough causing a condition called synergistic dominance or in plain language- the hamstring has to overwork to extend the leg due causing it to be overloaded and become strained over time. Getting the glutes firing can take a lot of pressure of the hamstring and fixes the majority of hamstring issues without having to do anything to the actual hamstring!

Once these issues have been corrected now it is time to correct the hamstring strength. Most people unfortunately just do hamstring curls to strengthen the hamstrings. This is completely wrong. The vast majority of hamstring strains occur when the hamstring is in a lengthened position. Therefore, we need to strengthen the hamstring in this lengthened position while it is contracting. Nordic curls are a great exercise to help here. The person starts on their knees with someone holding their feet and the lower slowly to the ground. This has been shown to be very effective at strengthening the hamstring and preventing recurrence. A kilkenny man has come up with a great tool to do this exercise and I have emailed him to get him to do an article in the future.

For those involved in sport prevention is always better than cure. My clinic offers a biomechanical assessment, the human NCT to find and fix problems before they start. For Kilkenny People readers I am also offering 5 free trial spots on our Sports Pilates classes that work on exercises designed to keep people who are active injury free. To take up a free spot or to get a spot for someone you know who is active then email or call 0852207889.