Free 15 minute pre-assessment

Not sure if physio will work for you? If you are suffering with back or leg pain and want to know if physio can help you then you have clicked on the right page.

What this FREE 15 pre-assessment entitles you to:

  • FREE injury pre-assessment
  • FREE discussion with a Physiotherapist
  • FREE advice on whether Physiotherapy is the right direction for you
  • FREE recommendations for ongoing treatment plans and progression

All this with NO monetary obligation!

Let Eoin Everard at earn your trust and show you how we can help you on the way to an enchanced healthy lifestyle!

How to redeem your FREE Pre-assessment

Call or text 0852207889 or email


If you are looking for quick, natural and long lasting relief from pain and stiffness so that you can keep active and stay healthy then I believe a full physio session with Solutions Physio is your best option. However, if you are unsure what physio is or if I can help you try a free 15 minute pre-assessment.

So why am I offering a Free pre-assessment appointment?

Well I have been lucky enough to work with a lot of patients to get them out of pain, avoid surgery and get back doing the activity they love, be it someone in their 50s golf pain free or an athlete getting back to world class competition. While some people immediately see the value of physiotherapy others are unsure if it will help them. Worse still sometimes they have gone to a physio, physical therapist or chiropractor and it hasn’t helped or they didn’t feel the person cared.

I want to give someone the chance to see what physio with Solutions Physio is all about and then make a call about whether it will be a right fit for them. Completely free of charge. Not only that, If I don’t think I can help you I will tell you straight away and recommend the best option for you be it visit your GP in case it is something serious, or get an MRI to see if the joint/muscle is ok. Some people have said to me they think I am a bit crazy to give this for free when I could easily charge for it but I want people to know what is going on, what is wrong and then with all the facts make an educated choice.

What do you get?

The first thing is a diagnosis. I will tell you what is wrong with your joint or muscle. Not only that I should be able to tell you how serious it is there and then. This can end a lot of the worry and frustration you may be feeling. Not knowing what is wrong, how serious it is, does it require surgery etc. can be more frustrating and cause more worry sometimes than the pain itself.

I will tell you what is causing your pain (diagnosis) and I will tell you the best way to go about fixing it. Will rest work for you? Is physio appropriate? Should you get an x-ray or MRI?.

We have limited number of free sessions in the clinic and a limited number of free calls over the phone. As we are very busy we can only do a limited number each month and it is done on a first come first served basis so email or text 0852207889

What you don’t get?

Obviously to respect our loyal and great paying patients there are some things we don’t provide in this session that we do provide in a normal physio session or a Functional Analysis physio session.

  1. Hands on treatment to fix the problem and provide immediate pain relief
  2. Full video analysis session to highlight why you have the problem
  3. Expert rehabilitation programme to make sure the pain doesn’t constantly come back or doesn’t return as severely.