Back Pain Quiz

Fill in the back quiz below to find out what is your best option is to help your back pain.

Back Quiz

Have you had previous episodes of back pain?
(Research from back pain specialist Paul Hodges in Australia show that those who have suffered back pain in the past are 12 times more likely to suffer from back pain within a year, compared to those who underwent 4 weeks of physio and did simple exercises. What does this mean for you? If you have had previous back pain and it is back again well it is probably going to keep coming back again and again until you get it looked at.)

Do you have a job where you sit or drive a lot?
(This is important as if you do you are probably putting your back under a lot of stress. Stuart McGill from Canada has done numerous studies that show that the longer you sit in a slouched position the less pressure is needed to cause a back injury. Sitting also switches off key core muscles which must be switched back on to stop the pain.)

Do you wake up with pain at night? Do you have any bowel or bladder problems? Have you had any unexplained weight loss?

Do you get pins and needles or shooting pain into your glutes or down your leg above your knee?

Are you willing to do exercises to fix your pain?

have you previously had back pain?

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