Avoid Surgery

I have worked with a large number of patients to help them avoid surgery. I have a clinic in Limerick where I work specifically from referrals from excellent orthopaedic surgeons. They send me patients that they feel I can help avoid surgery. EVEN when the patient feels surgery is the only option left. The main issue is that surgery looks at fixing WHAT is wrong. But what if we fix WHY you are getting the pain? Then it might take pressure off the area causing you pain and causing damage and you might not even need surgery. This has happened for 100s of patients I have seen and it might be the same for you.

Think of it this way. Imagine with your car the tracking is off on the tyres. So as you drive one part of the tyre is taking all the contact with the road. This is obviously going to damage the tyre eventually. You might take it to one person they will look at the tyre and say that needs to be replaced. This is like going straight for the surgery option. What will happen the tyre? The same thing might happen again because you have not fixed the cause of the problem. How many times are you going to have surgery?

Now imagine when the tyre starts feeling a bit off you go and get the tracking done? If you do this early enough this evens out the pressure on the tyre and allows the tyre to last much longer without being replaced. Exactly the same with your joints. A lot of times because of the way we move we wear one part of the joint and spare the rest. I work at resetting the patterns, which can mean less pressure on that one part of the joint, less pain and avoid surgery.

If you would like to book an appointment email eoineverard@gmail.com or call 0852207889 and leave a message. If you are still unsure I do offer limited free Pre-assessment 15 minute sessions in person or by phone. Click here for details . Here I will do the tests for free and give you advice about what your best option might be. Just to know the free pre-assessment session does not include the hands on work to get you better or the individualised programme I make to fix the things causing your problem as I have to respect my paying patients. However, it will tell you what is wrong and if surgery or physio is the way to go.


Rena O’Dwyer- Glanbia

I was told I was going to need a knee replacement. I was quite shocked as I am only in my early 50s and thought I was very young for that. I really like to keep active and thought the knee was going to stop all that. I heard of Eoin and thought I would give it a go before going for surgery. I am absolutely delighted I did. He did a number of tests on me the first day and told me that the knee was not beyond repair. He also assessed the way I move to see why the knee kept acting up. After the first session I had great relief. By the third session my knee never felt better. I only had to go for 4 sessions with Eoin, he came me things to do at home myself to make sure it stays healthy. Six months on I have cycled the ring of Kerry with friends. Something I thought I would never be able to do again.

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