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10 Rules of Health and Fitness- Part 3

10 Rules for Health and Fitness- Part 3 So we are half way through and moving on to number 6, 7 and 8 today. Have fun! Sometimes when we start an new exercise regime we become too focused on the scales, counting every calorie burned and generally take all the fun out of what is […]

Free Back Pain Tips Report

7 Things to do to keep your back healthy According to Clinical Sports Medicine, back pain is something that will affect up to 85% of the Western population at some point in their lives. The vast majority of the time the back pain you experience would be classified as “Mechanical low back pain”. This simply […]

10 Laws of Health and Fitness- Part 2

The 10 Laws of Health and Fitness- Part 2 (Originally Written for the Kilkenny People, for similar articles check the Sports section of the Kilkenny People each week) Welcome back. Today I will continue with the 10 laws that should be followed to ensure better health and fitness. If you missed the first article, the first 3 were: […]

10 Laws of Health and Fitness

There are two things that I really like – quotes and lists! Whether it’s a top five or 10, lists resonate with me as they help break any problem or challenge down into manageable, achievable steps. Health and Fitness is no different. It can be broken down into a manageable, achievable steps. It should not […]