Questions Ideal Answer for physio to be affective. Analysis
Have you had knee pain for an extended amount of time (more than 1 month) Yes If you have had pain for a couple of months or even weeks the chances of it getting better by itself are pretty slim. Especially if you have pain when moving, then you are most likely causing irritation and would be best served to attend a physio.
Does your knee click, lock or give way? No If there is clicking or locking in the knee then there is a good chance that there is a problem with the meniscus or cartilage. This type of injury is hard to fix without surgery. I would recommend getting an MRI to see what is going on in the knee joint before seeing a physio.

If your knee doesn’t lock then a physio could really help. Sometimes clicking is not too bad as long as the knee is not locking or giving way on you. A physio will be able to do specific tests to check what structure is injured and advise you what to do. It might be a cheaper option than going for the MRI straight away.

Was there one specific incident that caused the pain? No This is a very good sign. A specific incident generally indicates that a ligament or the cartilage might have been injured. If there is no incident then it generally can mean that it can be fixed with physio. I will send a video explaining the most likely cause of knee pain if there was no specific incident and the pain has been gradually getting worse.
If there was an incident did you hear a pop or did the knee swell a lot? No Again if the knee had a lot of swelling or you heard a pop at the incident it generally is a sign that a ligament has gone in the knee potentially the cruciate ligament. I would recommend getting an MRI here as surgery would be advised first to repair the ligament and then physio especially if you are a sports player. If you are not that serious into sports. The knee could be rehabilitated without surgery.
Is the knee sore with movement i.e. running or going upstairs or downstairs? Yes This is probably the best cases that I can help. If the pain is linked with the way you move then changing the way you move can dramatically improve your knee pain.
Are you willing to do exercises to fix your knee pain? Yes In order to improve long term you have to be willing to do some simple exercises for about a 4 week period. Otherwise you will get temporary relief but it might not last long term
Do you feel the pain under the knee cap or as a general ache Yes This again sounds like a syndrome called PFPS which I will explain in a future video. This is very fixable with physio and generally takes less than 3 sessions
Have you had any hands on treatment or exercises to try fix your knee? No If you have not had any hands on treatment or have not been given specific exercises to fix your knee then you are in an excellent position to fix your knee pain. If you have had only machines placed on your knee or have had some treatment but not had exercises then I would recommend that type of specific physio to help fix your pain.