10 Rules of Health and Fitness- Part 3


10 Rules for Health and Fitness- Part 3

So we are half way through and moving on to number 6, 7 and 8 today.

  1. Have fun!

Sometimes when we start an new exercise regime we become too focused on the scales, counting every calorie burned and generally take all the fun out of what is supposed to be a new, sustainable lifestyle.. Do yourself a favour, set a goal, walk away from your scales, tape measure, & mirror and GO PLAY! Take a class, sign up for a race, explore, meet new people & challenge yourself. There is so much we can do when getting fit and active. I would really encourage you to play a sport or at least have people to train with if at all possible. I go for a run with Brian Maher, Thos Hayes and James Ledingham every Sunday. Not only is it great craic but it makes the time fly! If it is rainy or you are not feeling it, it is great to have someone to keep you honest too (just beware becoming dependant on this…if they don’t stick with it, don’t let that undermine your fitness)

The take away message here is eat healthy food, exercise often at a good intensity with others and getting fit will take care of itself.

  1. The Plan- Create Accountability.

If we write down our tasks for the day we are far more likely to complete them than if we left them to chance. The same goes for exercise. If you have set out in advance what you will do on each particular day, that is half the work. If you just tell yourself on Sunday evening that you will do ‘something’ Monday, you are far more likely to let other things get in the way. Plan ahead! You need to have at least a 30 day plan that you follow. No exceptions. You cannot succeed if you are making it up one day at a time. I have an excel spreadsheet of all my training sessions, including intensity and duration for the next month. This is vital. You need to write down your plan in advance and preferably you would have a training partner on the same plan so that you are accountable to each other.

Make a discipline of writing out a plan at the start of each month and then sticking to it. This will help you to progress your training safely, allow you to plan appropriate rest and finally take the decision out of it on the day. If you just ‘wing it’ everyday then you will find that you talk yourself out of training a lot. Set the plan and then follow through. Remember the 5 P’s. Poor Planning leads to Pretty Poor Performance

I have made up an excel spreadsheet that has helped me structure programmes both for myself and those I help. For more info email on solutionsphysiotherapy@gmail.com

  1. Restore your body- Flexibility and functionality

Increased frequency and intensity of training should be accompanied by increased flexibility, core control and functionality. I have worked on developing functional movement programmes with Olympic athletes, a European championship  rugby club and numerous inter-county hurlers and footballers making sure that as they get fitter they stay moving correctly and do not become stiff. It is vital for the World Class athlete and it is vital for anyone trying to improve their fitness Without good movement all we are doing is building fitness on dysfunctional movement. Yes we can get fitter but if this results in you getting stiffer then it will ultimately lead to injury, breakdown and a plateau in fitness. You need at least one session per week where you work on improving your movements, flexibility and core control. This is the fountain of youth. It reduces sprains & strains in your back, shoulders, hips, knees, & neck and helps protects bones, muscles, joints, tendons, & ligaments. We can turn back the clock but only if we take measures to improve our flexibility, core strength and functionality. Pilates, yoga and functional exercise programmes are all invaluable ways of developing this element of your fitness, it cannot be all pounding the pavement.

I have designed both Pilates and Functional Fitness classes to help restore and reset your body as well as improve core and fitness. For more information or to book a place simply call or text 0852207889 or email solutionsphysiotherapy@gmail.com and I will provide more details.

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